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A doctor and a lawyer jump into a lake....

There HAS to be a joke that starts that way right? :)

For those of you thinking "EMILY GET TO BED YOU HAVE TO BE UP AT 4:30 AM TOMORROW..."--don't worry. I've got it on pretty good authority that the most important night of sleep before an endurance event is two nights before (which was last night) not the night before (because NO ONE gets a good night's sleep the night before ANY big event). But don't you worry, as soon as this blog post is up I am off to bed.

For those interested in the more technical aspects of my swim (what will I be wearing?)'s the low down:

*Swim suit: Blue Seventy Surpass Racer Back (that I added some cricket flair to by heat pressing my last name on the butt of the suit like professional swimmers do....they probably don't do it themselves in their garage, but hey)

*goggles: daytime Blue Seventy Hydra Vision silver; nighttime Blue Seventy Element Blue frame clear lense

*anti chaffing: Aquaphor (LOVE IT)

I will NOT be wearing a wetsuit. I will NOT be touching a boat or another person for the duration of the swim. As this is a double crossing I will be exiting the water at Polson and will remain on shore for less than five minutes before beginning my return crossing back to Somers with John.

Interested in coming out to see the swim on the lake? Find our location on the live feed and feel free to come out and support us during the swim. Please approach from behind and try not to make waves. I won't be stopping to greet boaters in between feeds but if you approach during a feed you might get a wave or a few words. :) Feed breaks will be every hour on the hour.

A BIG thank you to Bretz RV and Marine for donating us use of a pontoon for the crew support boat during the swim!

Okay, okay, okay. I'll go to bed already. See you in the water!


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