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Frequently Asked Questions

~If I sign up for the nonwetsuit division can I change my mind?
       Yes!  Our Race Director will send out an email approximately one week prior to the race requesting your division declaration.  This is just to give race staff an idea of how many folks we will have in each division for award purposes.  On race day, when you check in, you will again be asked to confirm your division (after you've stuck your foot in the water).  Once you have checked in for the race we ask that you stick with that division changes after check in will result in a delay of the race start.
~I'm almost 18 can I swim the 10K?
        Yes- NEXT YEAR!  :)  Our race staff determined our race age cut offs taking into consideration many factors, including the potential rough conditions of the lake.  We want our younger swimmers to gain experience in the shorter distance races before competing in the 10K.
~Can my kayaker provide me with feed?
         All kayakers will be advised prior to the race start that they are not permitted to feed wildlife.....including swimmers!  :)  Swimmers may not receive assistance from kayakers (unless they are being pulled from the course.  Kayakers are intended to assist our motorized boats and onland race personnel in quickly being able to determine where all swimmers are on the course.
~How soon can I see my results?
          Race staff will work as quickly as possible to pull together results and prepare awards.  The awards ceremony for each race will not begin until after the last swimmer in the last race for the day has completed the course.  After the reading of results, race staff will post results on the event facebook page.
~May I speak to timers during the race?
        No way!  Our timers are very friendly ladies and gents but they take their jobs VERY seriously and want to make sure all our racers get accurate times.  Please wait until after the race to ask questions of timers.
~Can I register on race day?
        You bet!  There are late registration fees and athletes registering race day are not eligible for awards and may not receive a SWAG bag.
~Can I bring my dog?
        We LOVE dogs, however if you are racing, please make sure you have someone on shore to watch your precious pup and remember Big Arm State Park does require dogs to be on leashes.
~Can I park my car in one of those REALLY long parking spots?
        No, those are for boat trailers.  If you have questions about where to park, please ask the park attendant at the booth as you enter the park.
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