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Selection Process for Assistance From the Enduring Waves Foundation

Selection Process and Deadlines 

        The process for selecting a child to receive assistance from the Enduring Waves Foundation takes place on an annual basis.  Letters of Interest must be received by April 30th.   Review of letters of interest and the selection by the Board will occur on or about May 15th.


Who may submit a letter

        A letter of interest may be submitting to the Enduring Waves Foundation by the child's parent or legal guardian.  A friend or family member who is not the legal guardian may submit a letter of interest; however, the legal guardian of the child must be aware of the submission of the letter of interest.


Required Information 

        A letter of interest must include: 

  • Child's name and age

  • Description of the child's special medical condition 

  • Description of what specific assistance is needed (examples may include but are not limited to money for expenses not covered by insurance; service dogs, medical equipment, travel for medical procedures, etc.)

  • Why assistance is needed

  • Contact information (address, phone number and email address)


**A photograph of the child may be included but is NOT required.**

***Please note, at this time the Enduring Waves Foundation is only offering assitance to children living in Montana***


Address for submission of letters of interest

        All letters of interest may be emailed to or mailed to: 

              The Enduring Waves Foundation 

              PO Box 475

              Helena, MT 59624


Selection Process

        The Board of Directors will review each letter of interest and conduct a personal interview (phone or in person) with the Child's parent/guardian to further confirm the child's medical condition, the request for assistance and assess if the request is one the foundation can provide assistance in covering.  Additional references may be requested at this time to provide the Board with all necessary information pertaining to the child's situation.

        Inquiry into the family's financial situation may also be made; however, the focus of the Enduring Waves Foundation's assistance is not solely based upon a family's financial situation, but rather the Child's needs.

        Given that the Enduring Waves Foundation seeks to make a large impact on a child's life each year, only one child will be selected yearly as the focus of the Foundation's fundraising efforts.  In special circumstances, the Board may, at its discretion, raise funds for more than one child.

        The selection process will be focused primarily on identifyig which Child exhibits the greatest need for assistance.  The selection process will include discussion and review by the Board of Directors of each letter of interest, the interviews and additional references.  The final decision will be made by majority vote.

        All applicants will be notified by either phone or letter of the Board's decision as quickly as possible following selection.


Distribution of Funds 

        If selected, the Enduring Waves Foundation will make any grants of assistance directly to the child's care providers (hopsitals, doctor offices, or other provider) rather than making payments directly to a family.  In special circumstances, the Board may determine it necessary to reimburse the family for an expense rather than pay the provider directly.   Reimbursement is not the preferred method of providing assistance and for a reimbursement to be made documentation must be provided to the Enduring Waves Foundation documenting the exependiture.

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