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Scottie Marie Woods was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma on April 10, 2017, her second birthday. She is currently being treated at the Children’s Hospital in Denver. Scottie Marie lives on a ranch 30 miles north of Joplin Montana with her Mom, Dad and baby sister. 


This country girl has a flare for adventure, with an ever present smile and a can do attitude.  Scottie Marie is quick to smile when she returns to the outdoors to explore, visit the cows, ride the horses, chase the chickens or simply get dirty in the mud. Scottie Marie loves her dogs and cats, often when you see her you will also find a small herd of dogs and cats trailing. She picked up the knack for farming/ranching from a very early age (or maybe even birth). She can often be found riding combine and fixing fences with her parents or milking the cow with her Grandparents all with the same huge smile, boundless energy and enthusiasm.


On tough days Scottie Marie is the one to be your sunshine. There is no cookie she can’t crack with her mile wide grin. She chases away the darkest cloud, warms your heart and keeps you smiling with her enduring zest for life.

Age: 2 years old

Diagnosis: Stage 4 Neuroblastoma

Hometown: Joplin, MT

Fundraising to cover: The Enduring Waves Foundation will be raising money to support Scottie Marie with any medical expenses not covered by insurance, travel expenses related to her treatment, and any items to improve her quality of life/ease her pain while she is receiving treatment.

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