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If the suit fits...

My official "return to swim date" was supposed to be September 25th (56 days after my double crossing)....I did not, however, swim that day....or the day after that.....well to be honest it has taken an additional two weeks and FINALLY today I swam. It was a LONG, SLOW, mile, but I'm back! I wore the same suit that two and a half months ago was lose enough that I was successful in begging the ER nurse not to cut it off, but today it was tight, but it fit.

The last few months of "rest" from swimming was pretty action packed with "life." Within two weeks of completing the swim my house sold (YIPPEE) and my offer was accepted on my dream house (DOUBLE YIPPEE). There were appraisals, inspections, and packing--SO MUCH PACKING. Everything went smoothly and I am happily (and mostly unpacked) in my new home.

As I swam today, I was reminded how being in the pool was like catching up with an old friend. I really was grateful for the time off I took as I really appreciated my short swim today. It felt like a treat and not an obligation. While most people enjoy the way water makes you feel physically lighter, my favorite thing about water is how swimming makes my worries and troubles feel lighter. Towards the end of my mile I began to feel my fitness (or lack of fitness). I enjoyed a soak in the hot tub before returning home to more house projects!

In addition to returning to the pool this weekend, I also returned to my yoga mat. I'm really looking forward to being active again...and of begin planning for my next swimming goals!

This weekend I've been invited to speak at Imagine Nation Brewing in Missoula. I'm excited to share photos and memories of the double crossing and share some updates on our beneficiaries and our fundraising. If you're in Missoula-please stop by!


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