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Be the good

I don't know about anyone else, but recently I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Perhaps it is the "might never end" winter...or work stress...or battling a cold that has hung around like an unwanted house guest since March (which hasn't kept me from swimming, but its kept me from swimming as much as I would like). It could be the current political climate and how that could impact the my financial future (thank you massive student loan debt). Or maybe it is too much exposure to facebook. I've been overwhelmed with worry/concern/sadness about how many people I know (and even people I don't know) who are going through REALLY tough times right now.

When you sit down and think about the sheer number of people who need help, it tends to make you feel small and unable to make a difference. I've been swimming through a sea of those types of feelings lately. Thankfully, I had my monthly one-on-one yoga session yesterday, with my amazing Coach Erin. She could tell I was "off" from the moment I walked in. She modified our plan for the day to a restorative yoga day, but also gave me some good things to think about in regards to calming my anxiety. First and foremost she suggested I give myself a break (I don't have to do EVERYTHING and a looming, gigantic "to-do" list does nothing to calm anxiety). Second, she suggested I do some random acts of kindness for others.

Not one to ignore instruction from a coach....I orchestrated a lovely Random Act of Kindness.

So I was made aware that a kiddo who I am very fond of was in need of a emotional support animal. He's had a rough time recently (including his dog getting hit by a car and passing away) and really needed some cheering up as well as a companion to help him process his emotions. I told kiddos mom that the EWF, in addition to big fundraising for a child or two every year, also helps with small requests for support as we learn of them. So....I told her I would ask around and try to find something for her in the next two weeks. Well, angels must have been on our side for this one, because THAT VERY night I found a litter of Australian Shepard puppies 20 minutes away from Kalispell. And sure enough, they had one pup left. I was able to pick the pup up today and enjoy some puppy time before making a little boy's day with the surprise of a new puppy.

If you've never been part of a puppy surprise's the best thing ever. The pups new best friend chose to name him "Buddy" which seems very fitting.

This puppy surprise operation took over much of my weekend, but it absolutely warmed my heart. I found myself in a better position to "give myself a break" about the yard work that I didn't get to while I was working on the puppy surprise project...I hired someone to come do the yardwork for me tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to a great day of swimming tomorrow, as in addition to my mood turning around, the weather has turned around also. Clear skies and warm temperatures are in the forecast for tomorrow.

Happy Swimming!


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