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Since you asked.....

Hi friends! It's been a while since I have blogged. I've changed blog sites several times since I first began my charity swims. At first I was creating a new blog for each swim to keep things "neat and tidy." Then once the foundation was created, all my blogging was done under the foundation's blog (which has now covered three fundraising years). In an effort to consolidate some things (and make my life a little easier), my blogging will now be contained within the EWF website. My old blogs are all still accessible, for any of those that like to go back and read. (50K for Karmyn, A Lakke for Katelyn, Carter's Cause/Enduring Waves for Isabella/30:60:90).

Many of you may have been waiting and watching for a post about what my big swim will be this year. This year is going to be an off year for me in terms of a solo ultramarathon swim. I think it is REALLY important to take care of my body and mind which requires taking a year off from the taxing nature of an ultra marathon distance swim. The past six years I have only taken one year off (2012) with a 30 mile swim in 2010, a 50 mile swim in 2011, a 32 mile swim in 2013, a 34 mile swim in 2014 and 90 miles of lake swims in 2015. The other reason this year needed to be an off year is due to my plans for 2017, which will require a much longer training plan (10 months as opposed to my normal 6-7 month training plans). You will be hearing more about 2017 training plan for 2017s event will begin in September.


Now, just because it is an "off year" from an ultra marathon swim doesn't mean the foundation is not fundraising. We have selected Jaxen as our fundraising beneficiary. This year's fundraising will rely on other EWF fundraising, including the proceeds from the 3rd Annual Flathead Lake Swim Series and other smaller foundation fundraisers. We hope you will join us in offering support to Jaxen and his family.


As for our upcoming fundraiser, the 3rd Annual Flathead Lake Swim Series is a three day open water swimming competition which features four open water swim races (5K, 10K, 1 mile, 1/2 mile). This year's event takes place July 15, 16, 17. If you are interested in racing there is still time to register (click here for registration page). If you are interested in volunteering we have an online sign up for volunteers that can be accessed here.

Thank you all for your continued support!


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